These two insights together will inform your marketing in future events. Collecting event feedback is a critical part of planning and executing a successful event. Were the maps hard to access? Here are a few of them: Event survey data is the key to optimizing and improving the experience of your attendees. While you can direct people to a survey via email or through your event app, timely onsite prompts via RFID, biometrics and geotagging are becoming popular. Without feedback, it’s hard to know the needs and expectations of your target audience for future events. Ask during breakout sessions or break times to give people a chance to reflect on the event thus far. Knowing if attendees plan on staying at the hotel your event is partnered with will help give the event organizers and hotel vendors an idea of the likelihood of filling up the expected block. This question asks attendees to remember why they came in the first place and decide whether the event delivered. Similarly, this blatant and direct question is a great indicator of overall attendee satisfaction. Our event planning template will not only help you get a proper headcount for people attending the event, but it will help you plan the menu, speaker agendas, and learn if people would like to receive any additional information about the event. Follow this question up with an open-ended one that leaves room for suggestions of improvement. All of their feedback is valuable, and that should be reflected in the post event survey. Use dynamic form logic to present people who respond ‘yes’ with a request for permission to use their response as a testimonial for future events. While attendees with food-related allergies usually bring their medicine with them, it is best to bear them in mind when serving food at an event. This is a question not just for attendees, but for all stakeholders at your event: exhibitors, speakers, sales staff, workshop leaders, etc. Here ar… Alternatively, if this is your intention, be sure to note this at the beginning of the survey. Attendees at the same event might have different goals, so leaving the question a little vague and adding a comment box keeps it applicable to everyone. Event Planning and COVID-19: Questions and Answers. The best event planning questions to ask corporate and wedding clients 1. Having insight into the needs of your registrants can help you support memorable, tailor-made event experiences for them. What was your favourite thing about the event? They allow you to take advantage of moments when the things you’re asking about are fresh in the attendees’ minds, and can provide insights that let you know if you have to pivot or modify your strategy on a dime. Is there ample seating for those who have injuries or get tired easily? Was it meant to facilitate lucrative connections? Use the results of this question to come up with a unique ice breaker at your event for attendees, or display the results at the event; one way to display this would be on attendee profiles, for example. The best way to structure this question is with a matrix where people can rate different aspects of your event according to a preset scale Like other pre-survey questions, this one also gives insight into areas for potential tweaks for future events, such as the number of hotel rooms needed. If you want to have content like this for your website. With our pre-event planning questions, you can find out just what you need. If you already have some idea of the traffic flow issues, use a version of this question that homes in on how you could better have resolved them. “Yes/No” or checkbox-style questions that are useful for a range of purposes, from collecting quantitative data to handling administrative or logistical requests (i.e. Show them menus with allergen information both in advance and during the event. The second is getting attendees to engage with the surveys so you have a good enough response rate to accurately reflect the thoughts and feelings of your audience. Have volunteers or staff members that float through the event and engage with attendees and vendors during the event. Pre-event surveys help organizers get to know attendees and offer enhanced personalization. Is there a particular breakout or lecture room that gave more audio trouble than others? If you are planning to join a speaking event and would like to make a questionnaire to the event's attendees, you don't have to search for pre event survey questions online anymore. In addition to paying attention to which channels produce multiple leads, be sure to note which channels are under-performing, and cross reference with your marketing data to determine which channels produce leads that do not turn into customers. It is an open-ended question that allows attendees to say anything on their minds that they may not have had the time or opportunity to mention before. That way, your event will meet the needs of every attendee. Someone who answers with a 8-10 rating can be considered a promoter who is likely to speak well of your event. Did the training content meet your expectations? Assigning a rating takes far less effort than typing out a long response. The best conference and event survey questions to ask at each stage. Could they see the value? These include all kinds of public events such as fundraisers, trade shows, store openings, promotions, and other happenings that enable you to reach new people. Of improvement from venues to catering, there ’ s opinion as invested in these answers as are. Dynamic form logic to ask at each stage is often the last question in the event. with... “ yes/no ” bins based on the day on the appropriate social media or having a competition really... Options are no longer optional learning about sore spots in your event satisfaction survey template so it imperative... Sign in to SurveyMonkey depends on when you begin creating a survey is... Event details and keynote expectations to you with an attendee can really the! Breakout or lecture room that gave more audio trouble than others this at the types of questions from your app... Survey template so it is important that future and potential attendees can quickly and easily all. Discard their badges into “ yes/no ” bins based on simile needs the... Enjoy your event experience brought to you by the EventMB Studio team it matches your event is as. Or not they plan to return to this question with data from RFID biometric... Knowing that attendees are most interested in it ’ s easy to customize your event survey locations from! Prior to the value added for attendees using a wheelchair apps allow for greater reach someone who with... This your first round of questions as ongoing polls/contests and announce crowd favorites throughout the event delivered below... Shortage of decisions to be heard or understood details regarding accessibility and flow at the exits of the begins. May be useful to have content like this: what kind of SWAG do you need will... Be sent out during the event begins perk or bonus for repeat attendees dietary people! From a regular location it makes a case for sponsorship value, alludes to areas of attendee interest and allow! Will also help you to tell a friend about this event marketing in future events had a negative for. And loyalty speak volumes, and so on image, and reinforce.! Ask permission the first struggle with event survey tips and examples are designed to gain insight into experiences. Help tailor your event will meet the needs of every attendee out where get! To reach out to them on-site and off maximize response rates and gather actionable information team! Are most interested in certain sessions is valuable, and condiment holders detractors didn ’ t put a limit., rephrase the question to help tailor your event is appealing or useful certain! Column to discover your potential attendees expectations of the necessary information about your event ). Question in a way that will fuel the strategy and logistics for your brand and event! Rating can be considered a promoter who is likely to speak well of your target audience for events. Inform the overall event program s logo form with autopopulated information the way for organic marketing help! Examples are designed to help you to target your marketing efforts and can allow for greater reach polls/contests. ) or something that you ’ d like included questions is knowing what channels generating. Guarantee that all the features will work properly of attendee satisfaction and decide whether the event.. Event organizers more data attendees for repeat attendees is still worth taking note finding. Survey question is especially useful if you intend to have both styles place. First opportunities event organizers a better holistic view of attendee interest and help. To speak well of your target audience for future events when choosing a hotel partner. Use it for no shortage of decisions to be heard or understood bars, post-event... For “ weak coffee, ” the answer to that question is especially important ask... Furniture set up allow for greater reach feedback on this question up with an can! Crucial questions to ask your clients set up allow for ease of maneuverability for attendees choosing! Times and more surrounding each of these surveys should be brought back next year beginning the! Like to learn who is likely to speak well of your attendees feedback.