About TVTC...

TVTC was founded in 1990 by Kathy Webb. She first became interested in Tai Chi whilst still a Yoga teacher. Following an accident she was no longer able to perform many of the Yoga postures and due to the more natural movements, found that Tai Chi suited her body. She is now a full time Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher.

Students include teenage boys at Eton College, mature members of Women's Institutes and people of varying ages and abilities at sports and health centres.

Kathy attends Grand Master Chen Xiaowang's annual UK seminars as she finds him so inspiring, his brilliance only matched by his patience and humility.

"Development in science is beyond boundary, so is practising Tai Chi Chuan; one could never exhaust all its beauty and benefits in one's lifetime." Grand Master Chen Xiaowang.

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